Switchboard enclosures for all types of industry

Paul Boughton

The CUBIC enclosures for all types of electrical switchboards are used in any type of industry, including mining and in airports. CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S supplies solutions to ships, hospitals, power plants, wind mills and so forth. The solutions are applicable where power distribution is required.

The CUBIC modular system is based on a concept of standard modules for the construction of electrical panels. Using a relatively few standard parts it is possible to construct a bespoke enclosure from a range of standard components.

With the modular system, the choice of electrical components is completely up to you. The versatility regarding width, height and depth means that the panel can be designed to suit its place of installation, and ensures simultaneously that the panel can be modified or extended. The versatility means moreover that the modular system is easy and quick to assemble, making it easy to utilise labour and control overhead costs.

The system is fully documented and is supplied as flat-pack worldwide to panel builders, who construct and offer complete panel systems. All panel builders have gone through extensive training/education to ensure a high and uniform quality level all over the world on panel systems enclosed with the CUBIC modular system. Fast and reliable deliveries, a CUBIC speciality, allow the Panelbuilder to organise his production programme to suit his own circumstances, rather than those of his suppliers.[Page Break]

All products from CUBIC have been tested and certified by several of the world’s most recognized test laboratories. These approvals together with a partnership philosophy make it possible to work towards a goal of ensuring a high and uniform quality level on switchboards across the world.

The focus of CUBIC has always been at quality, reliability, relations, and our concept of product. These values form the agenda for our future voyage.

At the core of the CUBIC ideal is CUBIC Global Training programme, which is made available to all within the Panelbuilders’ organisation. Excellent Manuals for both engineers and assemblers compliment the training and develop confidence and independence.

The Galaxy software package facilitates design, pricing, parts list, ordering and temperature rise calculations. All this builds a solid platform for all who are connected with CUBIC within the Panelbuilder.

Jesper Fristrup, CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S, Broenderslev, Denmark. www.cubic.eu