Surface mount insulation piercing terminals

Jon Lawson

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation has developed an extension to its line of Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Terminals.

The new patent pending 1307 terminal allows for the termination of 24 gauge wires. Previously the range was limited to 14 to 22 gauge applications. These connectors can be used in a variety of ‘wire-to-board’ applications including Solid State Lighting, Industrial Control and Automotive Electronics. The 1307 terminal is recognised to UL Standard 1977 and contained in File number E361770.

The 1307 utilises Insulation Piercing technology which permits wires to be attached to Printed Circuit Boards without the need to remove the wire’s insulation. These connectors allow for quick surface mount wire attachment to Integrated Metal Substrate (IMS) applications without the challenges of soldering discrete wire.

Zierick offers product in standard 16mm EIA Tape and Reel (1307T) and bulk configurations.