Super-large castings service

Louise Smyth

Companies that require huge castings to be produced and then machined to the tightest tolerances are to benefit from a new service from ChinaSavvy – the specialist in providing world-class engineering and manufacturing at China prices.

With this new capability, ChinaSavvy is now able to produce castings weighing up to 20 tonnes and then machine them to an accuracy of 0.03mm.

The company has already been producing and shipping many such super-large castings to the USA for use in the mining industry. It has had these massive castings machined to precision accuracy for bearings to be added. 

Christopher Devereux, managing director of ChinaSavvy says: "We are delighted to announce that we can now produce prototypes and finished parts that weigh from just 3 grams to 20 tonnes. And we can produce them to the highest quality at the lowest cost."

He adds: "Working with parts of this size – and to such incredibly tight tolerances – requires a highly specialised skillset, which we have developed and honed over many years."

ChinaSavvy also recently announced something the company believes is a unique offering to customers – six different casting processes. They are sand casting, permanent mould (gravity) casting, investment casting, diecasting, lost foam casting and shell casting.

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