Staying safe against extreme corrosion

Louise Smyth

Corrosion is a big problem across the entire manufacturing sector, with maintenance engineers locked into a constant battle with rust. This raises particular protection problems in applications that operate at high temperatures, as many coatings will simply melt away.

Now global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe is helping maintenance engineers protect stainless steel equipment against rust at extreme temperatures. It’s Stay Put product is a corrosion-resistant coating capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 600˚C without running or sagging.

Maintenance engineers working with equipment and infrastructure exposed to high temperatures will be acutely aware of the difficulty in finding an effective rust-preventative coating that can withstand the heat. Many products are rendered ineffective under extreme temperatures, hastening the onset of corrosion by leaving surfaces vulnerable.

Stay Put can be easily applied either as a base layer or as a top layer once a surface has been cleared of rust with a de-rusting solution. The product’s quick drying properties mean that surfaces are well protected just a short time after application.

“Stay Put’s high heat resistance allows engineers to confidently protect a surface without the constant need to re-finish it,” explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “While top-up coatings should still be regularly applied to maintain maximum protection, as is the case with any corrosion-resistant coating, the frequency with which they are necessary is significantly reduced. But consistent rust protection at extreme temperatures is only one of Stay Put’s benefits.

“As it is lead free it is safer to use compared to some other products on the market as it doesn’t contain any chlorinated solvents, which have detrimental effects on employee health. Chlorinated solvents, which are chemical compounds containing Chlorine, are often found in industrial maintenance products, and have been linked to health issues. So using a product like Stay Put reduces the negative health and safety implications for the end user.”

The product offers additional benefits. Due to its fast drying and metallic silver colour Stay Put leaves surfaces looking clean and new, enabling business as usual shortly after application.

“A factory’s or plant’s aesthetic changes the perception of the company and bolster reputation,” said Peter Crossen, “increasing the likelihood of both sales and new business partnerships. By drying quickly the product won’t run and leave a surface with unsightly blemishes after application.”

Stay Put’s temperature resistance is not only beneficial to industries that operate in hot environments, but also to components that are subject to increased heat during use. This makes it suitable for use in the aerospace, automotive, metalworking and transport industries, in particular on parts such as exhaust systems and railings.