Standalone eraser dock offers secure data erasing solution

Paul Boughton announced the release of a new Standalone Eraser Dock (SKU: SDOCK1EU3P) that functions without a host device and provides a secure data erase by printing a receipt of the procedure. The dock supports nine erase modes and 2.5-in and 3.5-in SSD and HDD hard drives.

Secure data erasing is essential for the IT and System Administrator or anyone working with SSDs or HDDs drives and needs to quickly erase and re-purpose them. The dock offers nine erase modes such as: Quick Erase, Single and Multi-pass Overwrites, Custom Erase, Secure Erase and Enhanced Secure Erase. The Multi-pass Overwrite (3-Pass Full Disk Overwrite) erase procedures meet the requirements of DoD (5220.22-M) standards.

The dock offers a higher level of security by printing a receipt of the data erasing procedure, leaving less room for error when erasing confidential data. The receipt is printed by connecting the dock to a serial printer and states the time, date and erase mode used for better reference.

Additional features of the dock are:

* Fast access to drives with USB 3.0

* Supports hot swapping drives

* Built in LCD display and menu navigation buttons

* Supports large capacity drives

* Small, compact design.