Speedy transducer set-up with app and 2D barcodes

Paul Boughton

Setting up transducers for sound and vibration measurements is a much simpler process for engineers with Brüel & Kjær’s new smart transducer set-up concept.

When several transducers have been mounted onto test objects, such as vehicle engines or aircraft components, it can be very time-consuming to link them to the measurement software correctly. The tester needs to identify each transducer and trace its cabling through to the data acquisition hardware, before they can manually add information about its alignment and location.

Set-up has always been a lengthy and confusing exercise, where it is easy to mix the transducers up or induce human errors into the many inputs. Brüel & Kjær’s Transducer Smart Setup app speeds this process up, removes the need to trace cables and simplifies it to reduce input errors.

The app scans the transducer using the smartphone’s camera, which it uses to recognise the accelerometer, its location and its orientation (Component ID, Node ID and DOF Direction). It then automatically synchronizes this information with the measurement software, so it doesn’t matter which transducer is plugged into which input connector. With a modal test involving 100 accelerometers, this can save hours.

The Transducer SmartSetup app works best on accelerometers and microphones with data matrix codes (also known as QR-codes). A patented algorithm automatically detects the orientation of an accelerometer from the code. For accelerometers and microphones without a data matrix code, the Transducer Smart Setup app semi-automates inputs such as alignment and location, saving time and reducing inputs in comparison to traditional setup procedures - and removing the need to trace cables.

Brüel & Kjær accelerometers and microphones will be equipped with data matrix codes as standard. The data matrix code also provides immediate access to detailed information for the transducers, such as technical specifications and calibration data, when scanned by any 2D barcode reader.