Specialised pumps

Paul Boughton

Although the price of oil has dropped in the past months, it remains the most important energy supply in the world and the demand for crude oil and natural gas has continued unabated. Interest in opening up new sources, including unconventional ones, is rising. Conveying systems must above all be adapted to the media, the environment and one another, if production is to be efficient under difficult conditions. For this reason, Netzsch has developed a range of specialised progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps for the various fields of application in the oil and gas industry.

Netzsch pumps for the oil industry are characterised by their robust and reliable design. Construction and materials are adapted to the requirements. In the planning phase the optimal pump is specified and selected together with the customer's requirements. The use of innovative pump technologies offers safe and reliable production processes at low life-cycle costs. On this there is a large range of products available, from which the appropriate pump system for on- and offshore, for up-, mid- and downstream areas can be selected.

With new deposits still being discovered, and existing oil fields being serviced, the production of this viscous solids-containing raw material is becoming more complex. By using Netzsch drive heads and the submersible progressing cavity pump systems, many of reserves can be explored and used efficiently.

The wide range of upstream applications includes: conventional and unconventional oil production  heavy oil production; dewatering of gas wells; thermal water production; and coal bed methane/coal seam gas.

The effective use of world’s oil and gas deposits represents one of the greatest challenges of our time. In particular, Nemo and Tornado pump systems offer new opportunities to leverage dwindling oil resources, as lower quality crude oils and high viscous oils can be produced economically and efficiently. The range of mid and downstream applications covers: multiphase pumps for oil/ gas/ water mixtures with varying solid contents; injection pumps; and transfer pumps for pumping from the well to manifolds, gathering stations or over long distances with high pressure.

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