Special subsea cable for environmentally neutral platform

Paul Boughton

Peter Nes looks at how an environmentally neutral offshore platform was linked to the shore by a 14km power cable with integrated optical fibres.

For the first time, there is an offshore platform on the Dutch continental shelf that is powered from the mainland. It concerns GDF SUEZ's Q13A Amstel Field project. TKF delivered and provided support for the connection between the shore and the environmentally neutral platform.

GDF SUEZ did not want a diesel generator but a sustainable solution for the Q13A platform and asked TKF to deliver the hybrid cable - power cable with integrated optical fibres. However TKF did not just deliver the cable, it also provided all the support. Thanks to previous projects in amongst others the Netherlands, Vietnam and Cameroon, TKF had the necessary expertise to produce, test and lay the subsea cable. Therefore the 14 km length of custom build subsea cable (a 3 x 150mm2 with 16 optical fibres, 25kV) was wound up in a basket and subsequently placed on a ship for transport and installation.

Various tests are required for a shore connection to an platform. TKF has all the capacity and know-how required to carry out those tests. When a test set-up had been created, both the FATS and SATS as well as the delivery test were carried out by TKF. The pressure tests in connection with impermeability to water and acceptance tests were also carried out in Haaksbergen. The cables furthermore passed all the bending tests and tensile-strength tests with flying colours.

One of the main advantages of opting for TKF was the short delivery time. In addition, an engineer was continuously present or on standby. Tideway laid the cable in the presence of TKF. The assembly on the platform side and for the Stedin grid was then carried out by TKF itself. A complete connectivity solution for GDF SUEZ.

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Peter Nes is Business Line Manager Industry, Marine and Offshore with Twentsche Kabelfabriek based in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. www.tkf.nl