Special high performance ropes for offshore applications

Paul Boughton

Roman Predl discusses the novelties in the field of high performance crane ropes for the offshore segment.

Among crane manufacturers and crane operators around the globe, EVOLUTION TK16 is considered as one of the best hoisting ropes for various applications in specialist foundation engineering, but also for other fields of use such as on (heavy lift) vessel cranes and offshore platforms.

Recently, Teufelberger has released an upgraded version of EVOLUTION TK16plus.Going by the name of EVOLUTION TK16plus, it features even higher breaking loads than other ropes in the same tensile class. Improved set-ups in production with even narrower tolerances have allowed the manufacturer to take minimum breaking strength to yet another level.

Now it has become possible to manufacture, on request, strength class 1960 ropes with the most common diameter sizes that offer up to 7 per cent more breaking strength. Like all the other ropes of the non-rotating TK series, EVOLUTION TK16plus is not prone to rotation of the hook blocks, even at large lifting heights. As a result, it facilitates the accurate 'positioning' of heavy loads.

The design also incorporates SUPERFILL and PLASTFILL technologies and helps crane manufacturers dimension their cranes for smaller rope diameters, which in turn translates into smaller crane components and significant cost savings.

During the rope stranding process, the strands of the lubricated steel core are embedded in a compact plastic cover. This PLASTFILL insert has a positive impact on a rope's life span because it acts like a cushion between the rope's core and its outer strands and offers resistance to compression and lateral pressures.

In addition, it guarantees that the rope's stands are spaced equidistantly. This improves friction conditions and reduces wear within the rope, giving it tremendous breaking strength.

Plasticising and lubricating the strands effectively blocks the ingress of water into the core and makes the ropes highly resistant to corrosion and therefore extremely durable.

SUPERFILL technology compacts every single rope strand in a special procedure which increases breaking strength by more than 30 per cent in comparison to conventional ropes.

Additionally, it prolongs the rope's service life, due to the planar contact of the wires in the strands and reduced nominal stress. The smooth rope surface helps keep abrasion on rope, sheaves and drums to a minimum. Finally, this technology makes it possible to reduce a rope's diameter and still achieve the same performance values.

Teufelberger’s answer to the rising demand for non-rotating hoist ropes for bigger cranes and for winches, especially in combination with active heave compensation systems, is the EVOLUTION TK18 rope which can be produced with diameters of up to 80mm.

In addition, the proven design of QS816V, the eight-strand boom rope, which is available in both langs and ordinary lay with diameters of up to 70mm, rounds out the portfolio of offshore crane ropes. QS816V was developed specifically for use on mobile harbour cranes, container cranes, shipboard cranes, and cable dredgers.

Marine riser tensioner ropes are used to compensate for sea movements and are therefore permanently exposed to tensile loads and high bending cycles.

The special QS 814 VG 8-strand rope was developed in order to cater to these requirements. Its advanced design with a large number of wires offers excellent bending fatigue performance and flexibility, which is the most important factor for this field of use. This proven rope, available with diametres of up to 2¾ inches, is currently extensively used on deepwater platforms off the coast of Brazil and in other regions such as the North Sea and the Asian Pacific.

The latest edition to Teufelberger’s portfolio are the compacted and non-compacted 'drill lines' made specifically for the handling of drill rods on the ground. Featuring diametres from 1⅜–2 inches, those six-strand ropes come with a plasticized PLASTFILL steel core.

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