Space saving slim-line DIN rail power supplies

Paul Boughton

Stadium Power has announced the introduction of two new high efficiency, slim-line DIN rail mounted power supplies.

The highly-efficient 120W DIN-120 and 240W DIN-240 units provide a single output of either 24 or 48VDC and are aimed at industrial applications, including  process control and building automation, where the space used by the power supply on the DIN rail needs to be minimised.  Their narrow width offers system integrators useful space savings with the DIN-120 and DIN-240 being just 32mm and 45mm wide respectively.

Both models have built in current sharing to support 1+1 or N+1 redundant system configuration, providing a simple path to upgrading OEM designs from a single to redundant power solution.

The units have a wide operating temperature range of -25C to +70C and a typical efficiency rating up to 91%. The resultant reduction in internal heat generation simplifies thermal management for the system builder.

The DIN-120 and DIN-240 power supplies are capable of providing a 150% peak load capacity ensuring systems are capable of handling load power surges safely.

Other key features include:

* Built-in active PFC with power factor >0.95;

* Excellent partial load efficiency;

* Suitable for critical applications;

* Three years warranty.