Solar energy in hazardous areas

Paul Boughton

JCE Group embarked upon the certification of a solar panel to provide power for applications in zone 1 hazardous areas.

Communications technology has evolved in such a way that it is relatively cost effective to communicate with instrumentation in remote locations via a wireless link.

Typical applications are remote pipeline monitoring and un-manned offshore oil and gas installations, where due to the location, size of the installation and the proximity of a hazardous area, conventional power sources are less economical.

The SPA120 is rated EExme II T5, category II 2G incorporating an encapsulated photo voltaic cell with an increased safety terminal enclosure.

The design incorporates the criteria of current Euro Norms and is CE marked in accordance with the requirements of the European ATEX directive.

As this product is expected to be installed in remote locations where extreme environmental conditions can occur, particular emphasis has been placed on achieving a high environmental specification.

Complemented by other JCE Group products like hazardous area batteries and EExd control enclosures, the SPA120 can be supplied as part of a complete control and monitoring system.

By connecting multiple SPA120 panels together, power systems of varying voltages and power ratings can be configured to meet specific power supply requirements.

For AC applications, the SPA120 can be combined with a compatible inverter housed in one of our EJBC series EExd enclosures.

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