Soft starters and contactors

Paul Boughton

A new range of soft starters has been introduced by DeltaSense. The UL approved units, from Eltwin, cover a wide range of motor ratings from 0.1kW to as high as 110kW.

Start and stop ramp times and initial torque are adjustable by the user, and there is also an optional high torque kick start function.

Soft starters are an economical means to ensure smooth start-up and stopping of electric motors, which also helps to extend equipment life. They are widely used in applications such as pumps, compressors, conveyor belts, escalators, centrifugal fans, crushers, mixers, mills and stirrers.

DeltaSense now also supply Eltwin's range of solid state electronic contactors. Incorporating the latest low thermal expansion (LTE) technology, they are available in single, dual or three phase versions. The UL approved devices are rated at up to 63A for heating / resistive applications and up to 30A for motor loads.

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