Small and fast 2A multifunction LDO regulators

Paul Boughton

Torex Semiconductor has launched the XC6230 series of 2A high-speed multifunction LDO regulators with adjustable output.

The XC6230 series are small and fast multifunction LDO regulators with a maximum output current of 2A and an adjustable output voltage and current limit value. An internal 0.17Ω low ON resistance P-ch Tr. and a stable output voltage with small dropout voltage make these products ideal for post regulators (DC/DC rear-stage ripple removal), various types of microcontrollers, regulators for logic applications, and secondary power supplies. The XC6230 series can also be used in consumer electronics, industrial equipment, communication modules, and electricity smart meters.

In addition to a function that enables the output voltage and current limit value to be set externally and a function that prevents a reverse current higher than the input pin (VIN) from flowing into the output pin (VOUT), a rich variety of protective circuits such as overheating protection (TSD) and startup rush current prevention can be added. The small USP-6C package (1.8 x 2.0 x h0.6mm) or SOP-8FD package (currently under development) can be selected as appropriate for the application.

The output voltage and over-current limit value can be set using a total of only five chip capacitors and chip resistors, and as such these products make a significant contribution to space-saving design even while being multi-functional. Another advantage of multi-functionality is the ability to set the customer’s desired output voltage and current limit value with only a single XC6230 series IC even when the power supply specifications vary by model. This enables standardisation of the IC and contributes to a reduction of cost and man-hours for design.

In the future Torex will continue to employ its expertise in small-size and low-power consumption ICs to swiftly develop products that meet market needs and contribute to a richer and more abundant society.