SLS mock-up showcases novel valvetrain

Jon Lawson

An intricate 3D model of a valve system to boost engine operation has allowed an automotive company to showcase its technology.

As governments and organisations seek to improve performance and efficiencies across all industries, Camcon Automotive has bought the last key element of engine combustion under digital control. 

The company’s revolutionary core solenoid technology has seen the creation of the iVT (intelligent Valve Technology) system, allowing fully electronic control of valve events and realising the potential for improved engine operation and reduced CO2 output.

Camcon worked alongside Furnace Design to come up with the component before turning to Ogle Models in Hertfordshire to produce a scale replica.

Matt White, Senior Prototype Engineer at Ogle, said: “As the part was to be used for promotion at trade visits, exhibitions and prospective client meetings, it was imperative that the part looked realistic. This required a high level of paint work to mimic the multiple metallic finishes - cast metal, injection moulded parts and steel.

“The main cylinder head was produced using SLS which not only allows for complex geometry but is self-supporting with high tensile strength. The accuracy achieved was +/- 0.12mm per 100mm.”

Camcon required parts of the model to be dismantled and reassembled to fully display the complex interior of the model, with Ogle undergoing a rigorous testing process to ensure accuracy.

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