Six-terminal signal splitter

Paul Boughton

Amphenol Industrial Products Group has introduced a signal splitter featuring six-terminal inputs to allow a higher combinations of functions in a single connector and help reduce the number of connectors needed in an application.

The new splitter receives power and signal from one cable and splits it into two equal, yet separate, sets of power and signal as output, saving money and space whilst allowing additional functionality.

Manufactured from thermoplastic material and capable of operating in environments up to 150°C, the Tru-Loc splitter is ideal for use by OEMs in several markets including industrial automation, process control, power generation, diesel, LNG and gas engines, automotive sensing, cycling (electronic gear shifting) as well as the industrial internet markets.

The Tru-Loc splitters are designed for use in CANbus Networks: CAN-high, CAN-low, ground or shielded, I/O power, low amperage power distribution as well as sensor harnessing, feature 120 Ohm ±10% of controlled impedance between two sets of contact pairs perfect for multiple sets of sensors in the same network.

The mating plug connectors feature Amphenol’s RADSOK socket contacts and offer up to 13A current capability per contact and dielectric withstanding of 1,600VAC rms.