Single board computer

Paul Boughton

Advantech has launched a 3.5inch single board computer with flexible expansion options based around Intel’s latest quad core embedded processors, writes Nick Flaherty.

The MIO-5251 uses the latest quad core Celeron J1900 2.0GHz processor to provide more performance than the third generation Core i3. It is based around the MI/O 146 x 102mm form factor with wide temperature operation from -40 to 85°C to support fanless designs, and provides flexible display interface combinations (HDMI/DP, LVDS, VGA, eDP), rich serial interfaces and two full-size mini PCIe slots.

Intel’s quad core Celeron J1900 CPU provides Core i3 levels of performance with a low profile fanless heatsink just 27.4mm high. Advantech also offers a heat spreader solution that is 2mm thinner than a regular heatsink for even more compact chassis designs with better thermal dissipation. To meet different power input type requirements, the MIO-5251 support a 2x2 pin ATX power connector or DC/Jack as rear I/O. If 12-24V or 9-36V wide range power input is needed, Advantech's MIOe-PWR1 or PWR2 power modules with 2-pin Phoenix power connector can be used.

The graphics performance of the new board is 6 to 9 times than the previous generation of Atom processors with an extensive graphic driver support on Windows 7. It supports VGA, HDMI and dual channel 24-bit LVDS which can be switched to an optional eDP mode that allows it to drive a Display Port (DP) connection.

The HDMI connector is shared with the DP output to provide additional flexible rear I/O LCD panel choices. The built-in MIOe expansion slot can provide a second LVDS/DP via Advantech's MIOe-230 display module.

The 3.5in board has two full-size Mini PCIe slots, one with PCIe and USB interfaces plus a SIM holder, and another with SATA and USB interfaces. They can be used for other I/O connectivity such as dual channel CANBus, parallel LPT, 1 or 2-port high speed serial, TTL, GbE, 2-ch SATA III, and 2-port USB 3.0 miniPCIe modules. Wireless connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular connection and GPS are possible by adding mini PCIe modules.

A wide range of other I/O interfaces can be supported from the MIOe interface such as a 6-port COM module, 3-port GbE, dual-channel 24-bit LVDS or DP connections, dual channel CANbus, four port Power over Ethernet and multi-channel data interfaces. The expansion slot reserves PCIe, 3x USB2.0, DP, SMBus, LPC, audio and power for other custom MIOe modules.

The board has been designed for wide temperature operation of -40 to 85 °C with 100% solid capacitors, a TG-170 PCB with high temperature durability and delamination durability. It uses industrial-grade power circuit design, strict power quality/signal intensity/environment verification, and 100% thermal shock sorting to ensure stability under any severe circumstances.

The board also has Advantech’s iManager software embedded. This firmware monitors system status for problems and takes action if anything abnormal occurs. It also includes Advantech’s remote management software SUSIAccess, which builds intelligent management functions into embedded computing applications, ensuring continuous system uptime, and reduced maintenance costs. SUSIAccess constantly monitors the health of multiple devices and sends out alarm notifications via e-mails and SMS messages if any problems are identified.