Off the shelf anti-vibration system

Louise Smyth

AVT Reliability has launched Easy-Brace - a universal small bore connection (SBC) anti-vibration bracing system.

Unlike traditional SBC bracing systems, which are bespoke to each application, its modular design means it can be specified using just two or three basic dimensions. It is supplied in kit form, making it easy to install by non-specialist fitters. It also requires no routine maintenance and can be easily removed for valve maintenance – contributing to operational efficiency and cost savings.
Neil Parkinson, Technical Director at AVT Reliability said: “Vibration is by far the key cause of fatigue failures in process pipework, particularly in the welded connections between SBCs and main lines. For Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) sites handling dangerous liquids and gases, loss of containment can present a real risk of a major incident involving fire, explosion or pollution.”
As well as being guaranteed to fit any SBC geometry, the Easy-Brace design complies with the best practice recommendations from the Energy Institute.
Parkinson added, “Typical bracing system retrofits involve bespoke fabricated solutions which require a significant input of time and expertise. What sets Easy-Brace apart is that it has full angular and linear adjustment so is simply clamped onto any standard SBC configuration without the need for welding, and eliminates the risk of static offset stresses caused when fixed braces are misaligned. Its simplicity is a crucial factor in operational and cost efficiencies.”

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