Servomotors for use in challenging ATEX Zone 2 environments

Jon Lawson

Parker Hannifin has introduced its EY series of ATEX-rated PMAC (Permanent Magnet AC) servomotors. Certified for safe-running in ATEX Zone 2 (for gas and dust atmospheres) at up to 40 or 60°C, the cost-effective new servomotors achieve speeds of up to 6800 rpm and power output up to 6.5kW.

Designed where compactness and dynamic movement with torque, speed or positioning control are demanded, Parker’s EY series is ideal for applications that include filling machines in the packaging sector, oil and gas valve actuators, paint shop robots in the automotive industry, and feed mills in the food sector.

Beyond its rugged enclosure, special features of the new servomotors include thermal protection via a PTC thermistor located inside the stator to provide alerts in the event of overheating. If required, this can be connected directly to the drive - the thermal sensor is not mandatory by regulation, but available in the standard EY to increase safety (no extra ATEX device is needed). Also included is stainless steel protection on the connector, a design feature that avoids any disconnection under load and increases shock resistance up to seven Joules.

The new explosion-proof brushless servomotors, which carry both CE and IECEx markings, are available in 70, 100, 130 and 155 mm frame sizes. Continuous torque from two to 41 Nm is achievable, along with inertia from 79 to 9200 kg/mm². In addition, smooth, keyway shaft or brake variants are available, while further benefits include resolver or sensorless feedback, natural cooling and IP65 protection rating.

Built to comply with the 2014/34/EU directive, the EY series is characterised by its low inertia that gives excellent motion quality and high torque output over a wide speed range. The 10-pole servomotors are up to five times more compact versus comparable asynchronous motors. Importantly, the series is compatible with all makes of drive and, if required, can be supplied as a complete package featuring standard cables and drive, as well as an ATEX-rated gearbox and electric cylinder. The EY series complements Parker’s existing EX series for ATEX Zone 1 environments.

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