Servo motor and drive is claimed to be smallest

Paul Boughton

Faulhaber is extending its BX4 family of brushless DC servo motors with the innovative new 2232/2250…BX4 CSD/CCD, which, at 22mm diameter, is claimed to be the world's smallest brushless motor with integrated motion controller in uniform-diameter construction. It combines all of the advantages of BX4 technology in a tiny package: long service life, high non-cogging torque and freedom from adhesives. This makes them suitable for use in demanding application areas such as robotics, automation, medical technology, specialist machinery and the aerospace industry.
The drives are based on proven Faulhaber motion control systems. They feature serial RS232 or Can interfaces and can be configured using Faulhaber Motion Manager 4.4 software. Additional features of the new drives further expand their scope of use: a wide operating temperature range of -25 to +85 degrees C, thermally allowable continuous current up to 0.69A, and flexibly configurable speed in the range of 5 to 8000rpm. The units are also available with customer-specific software on request.
All products with integrated electronics have automatic peak and continuous current limitation to protect the motor and the electronics. Operation of the motor and the electronics from separate supply voltages is possible as an option.
The new drives are available in two motor lengths (32 and 50mm) with a rated voltage of 24V DC. Outstanding features of these innovative new products are an extremely flat torque-versus-speed curve and an excellent torque-to-volume ratio, with rated torque outputs of 18-35mNm.
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