A sensor platform as the new standard for rotor blade sensing

Jon Lawson

With the new, innovative sensor platform fos4Blade, fos4X presents a modular and open platform to collect all relevant data from the rotor blades and the tower of a wind turbine. Multiple applications for yield optimization can now be implemented on the basis of the fos4Blade sensor platform.

fos4Blade sensor platform
The fos4Blade sensor platform is designed as the new standard for rotor blade measurements. It consists of several fiber-optic strain sensors and fiber-optic vibration sensors per rotor blade.

The sensors are monitored by a fiber-optic measurement device developed specially for wind turbines placed in the rotor hub. The fiber-optic measured variables are finally translated by the Blade Physics Library into easy-to-use parameters of the rotor and are provided by fieldbus or IIoT interfaces.

fos4Blade default configuration
The standard arrangement of the modular fos4Blade sensor platform is characterized by particularly good cost efficiency: the bending moments and the oscillation behavior of the rotor blade can be determined by strain sensors and acceleration sensors in the rotor blades. In this arrangement, a particularly high degree of precision and availability is achieved. Due to the focussed development of the technology, the fos4Blade sensor platform is absolutely cost-competitive with long-established electrical measurement technology.

Advantages of fiber optic measurement technology
Fiber-optic sensor technology is characterized by its insensitivity to lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference. In addition, a very high robustness of the components and therefore a long service life of the systems are achieved. For retrofit the installation of the fos4Blade sensor platform in its standard configuration takes place in one working day.