SDLG launches its biggest wheel loader

Jon Lawson

SDLG has introduced the new Stage III L975F wheel loader to market – the OEM’s biggest wheel loader to date. It’s designed for construction sites, quarries, mines and port terminals. 

The 24,900kg machine features robust rear and front frames to withstand load distribution. Equipped with a large tonnage driving axle and reliable braking and a 199kW engine, its transmission uses a HTE205C fixed-axis electro-hydraulic automatic shifting for flexibility and ease of operation — it’s SDLG’s first machine that uses a fully automatic transmission built by Volvo. An integrated cooling system uses intelligent technology to automatically adjust fan speed according to engine temperature, which is particularly advantageous in hot climates. 

The standard 4.2m³ bucket with 8 bolted on teeth and two wear plates features a spill guard plate to prevent material loss. The maximum dump height, at 3.2m, is supported by a 3.6m boom. The second stage 93 sand filter in the hood of the machine filters over 95% of particles when working in dusty conditions such as mines to keep the job smooth and efficient. 

Featuring six standard LED lights with high brightness capacity, the machine’s new generation cab includes a safety lock, increased sealing and 12 per cent more space.    

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