SD card reader for automotive applications

Paul Boughton

Yamaichi Electronics has introduced the FPS009-2903-0, an SD card reader with features making it suitablefor the automotive sector.

The FPS009-2903-0 is a top-mount version with a push/push mechanism. That means that the card is manually inserted, engages with a soft-lock mechanism, and is then be pressed again to eject it a predefined distance for convenient removal. The reader has two card brakes that effectively prevent the card from being flung out uncontrolled.

A card presence switch registers when the card has reached its end position, and enables it for read and write access.

The closed metal cover and the four grounding tabs also ensure particularly good EMC behaviour. The card reader supports cards that comply with the SDIO standard. Packaging and delivery is on tape reel belts.

Its tough overall design and its many features make the card reader perfect for the automotive sector. With a temperature range extending from -30°C to +85°C, it is also characterised by a high degree of contact reliability and convenient operation. The vibrations and shock that occur in automotive applications are also compensated for by its contact design, ensuring its continued functionality.

The components for SD flash storage applications are particularly well-suited for automotive infotainment systems, wireless communications, and portable computers and consumers.

In addition to this low-size component, Yamaichi Electronics offers many other card connectors for the latest Flash and SIM card types in different form factors, such as microSD, micro-SIM, CompactFlash, multicard versions, and more.

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