Safe control of platform screen doors

Paul Boughton

As part of the ‘city line’ project in Stockholm (Citybanan Stockholm project), two new stations will be created in the heart of the city, and will be equipped with platform screen doors.

In partnership with Gilgen Door Systems, supplier of platform screen doors, ClearSy and its COPPILOT system were chosen to control the platform doors.

Designed to relieve the congestion of Stockholm city centre, the new city line tunnel has two new stations equipped, for the first time on this network, of platform gates controlled by the COPPILOT system. Developed by ClearSy, the same system has already been installed, in the Paris metro stations Invalides and St Lazare of line 13, during the test of several types of platform screen doors for nine months in 2006.

In the Sao Paulo metro this system is in operation since 2009 and now also complements the new CBTC installed by Alstom on lines 1, 2 and 3. It is deployed on Bombardier Monorail line 15 in Sao Paulo and in Venezuela on the Los Teques line equipped with Faiveley platform screen doors. The Coppilot system is an autonomous device, since it only relies on sensors installed on the platform. Thus, it is not necessary to install equipment on the train, which is ideal for the Stockholm project for which only two stations are equipped with platform screen doors for a very important existing train fleet.

An innovation of ClearSy is the individual control of each platform screen door. So if a train door remains closed, the front platform screen door will not open. Similarly, the system adapts to long or short trains and manages the whole facade or only half.

The system also includes other functions for operator comfort: a luminous sign indicating the position of the train using the approach manoeuver. Passenger comfort is also enhanced with a modulating control of platform screen doors in order to adjust the amplitude of opening doors depending on the train position. 

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