Reproducibly precise additive dosing

Louise Smyth

Selmech Supplies Ltd has integrated the 800 Series flow meter from Titan Enterprises into its silage additive applicator systems to ensure precise dosing of these additives.

Addition of a preservative to forage crops is a common practice to prevent degradation but also to improve palatability for the animals that feed on them. Historically aggressive chemicals were added in fairly high volumes requiring very large fluid tanks or frequent refilling during harvesting.  Modern silage additives tend to be applied at ever lower levels but must be applied at a rate which very accurately matches the harvesting yield and conditions. To achieve successful results it is important the additive is applied at the correct dosing level. Too little and the desired result is not achieved, too much and expensive product is wasted.

To address this challenge, Selmech Supplies Ltd turned to Titan Enterprises to work with them to develop a new generation of semi-automated additive applicator able to precisely measure additive flow rates and adjust pump drive levels to maintain correct application levels.

Rob Sheppard, of Selmech Supplies, commented: " We chose to integrate the Titan Enterprises 800 Series flowmeter into our additive applicator systems because it offers a good cost / performance balance and most importantly is tolerant of the aggressive chemicals our customers sometimes use. To cover varying application ranges we use three different versions of the 800 flowmeter in our products. Each 800 Series flowmeter supplied has the same mechanical form factor and the same electrical output ensuring result consistency and reproducibility from applicator system to system - which is a huge benefit."

Operating over six flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 litres per minute, the Titan Enterprises 800 Series turbine flowmeter uses totally non-metallic wetted components which makes it suitable for the metering of aggressive chemicals in particular.