Reliable protection against gases, vapours, liquids or dusts

Jon Lawson

Peter Lemanczyk details a smart spray shield for flange connections

Some safety regulations require plant operators to comply with minimum general requirements for tools suitable for use with devices for retaining or draining off outflowing gases, vapours, liquids or dusts.

In the event of a seal failure in a flange connection, turbulent or finely swirling spray may escape and spread throughout the plant, causing a high risk of injury for the entire workforce as well as damage to the plant components.

Where a leak occurs, the function of the spray shield is to reduce the intensity of the escaping spray directly and drain it off without any pressure – especially if irritant, caustic, poisonous, hot or flammable media are involved. The spray shield must never seal off the connection though, as this would cause an unacceptable and uncontrolled build up of pressure that would lead to more spray.

The spray protection system Spray Control from Betek has proven to be the ideal solution in this case. Made of DIN 1.4404 (ASTM 316) stainless steel, Spray Control is highly resistant to oils and chemicals, does not suffer any embrittlement (in open-air plants, under exposure to UV) and is temperature-resistant up to 400°C. Unlike some other systems, this solution is fitted with a net inside that decompresses the escaping spray immediately. The medium drips down vertically without any horizontal deflections and even high pressures (e.g. vapours) are immediately reduced. Reliable results have been recorded on leaks up to PN 100.

The integrated net prevents the spray shield from slipping and adapts to fit into every little gap between the flanges. Spray Control can also be used on flanges without any sealing gaps.

In addition, the system does away with expensive assembly work as it can be securely fitted and removed in seconds using the clasp. The four integrated hooks and tensioning springs allow for deviations in size and the net evens out any irregularities around the circumference. The key advantage for operating staff is that no assembly tools are required.

After cleansing and neutralising, the spray shield can be used again and again. The system is available for round flanges in all DIN sizes as well as for ANSI. It can also be customised on request for other diameters and for square or oval flanges. Depending on the flange connections, the system can be supplied in the standard widths 50mm, 70mm and 90mm. Larger widths can be made to order. Special models with penetrations can also be made to order.

In summary, Spray Control is a reliable spray prevention system that meets the requirements of plant operators and offers greater safety. It is certified by the German TÜV and DNV GL in accordance with several regulations.

Peter Lemanczyk is operations manager at Betek Sicherheitstechnik.

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