Reliable connections for testing rigs

Jon Lawson

For new and innovative testing rigs, CombiTac provides reliable connection for electrical power and data between the test rig and the equipment under test.

The Stäubli Electrical Connectors product fully adapts to technical and dimensional specifications. The CombiTac modular connector system allows users to combine power, signals, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre-optic, pneumatic and hydraulic connections in a single frame or housing, and is used in challenging applications that require a long life connector solution that will perform outstandingly throughout its entire life cycle.

The company’s customers offer a wide range of intelligent products and services for measuring, testing and simulation. To satisfy the growing demands in product testing of electronic components for the automotive industry, a new and innovative testing rig had to be developed. This rig consists of up to six individual test racks controlled and configured by an industrial PC included in the rig. To test the equipment fast and efficiently, every independent subrack can be used as a stand-alone device next to the equipment under test and without any connection to the testing rig. To connect/disconnect the power and data cables quickly, all the individual subracks are equipped with CombiTac.

CombiTac solutions adapt to requested dimensions or particular positioning, enable the use of special resistant carrier materials as well as the integration of customer-specific parts. Stäubli supplies users with a complete solution including cable assembly.

CombiTac modular connectors are becoming a vital part in testing equipment applications. The use of the proven Multilam advanced contact technology is the main contributor behind the long life cycle capabilities of CombiTac contacts, which achieve more than 100,000 mating cycles.


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