Regulated 10kV power supplies for sensitive equipment

Jon Lawson

The CB Series from XP EMCO is a line of miniature, precision-regulated DC to high voltage DC power supplies offering an output of 0 to 10kV at 1W.

Low output ripple, very low EMI/RFI, and precision regulation make the CB Series suitable for integration into sensitive equipment for a range of applications, including electrophoresis, spectrometry, and test instrumentation.

Featuring a 0 to 100% programmable input, the CB Series also provides external gain adjust to allow for individual calibration of units after installation. It accepts a wide input voltage range of 11.5 to 16V.

The CB Series features current and voltage monitoring, built-in protection against programming overvoltage, and thermal shutdown. Other features include voltage and current monitors and a built-in 5V reference voltage.

High voltage power supply designer and manufacturer XP EMCO, formerly EMCO High Voltage Corporation, is a part of XP Power. XP Power offers a broad range of power products worldwide, including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters.