REE assessment improves compressor performance

Paul Boughton

Most operators in the process gas industry are satisfied with their reciprocating compressors – but feel they could do better. Are reliability and energy efficiency high enough? What about environmental soundness? How should they select the latest technologies to improve performance?
The new REE Assessment process answers this need. It gives clear, accurate data on the real performance of the compressor in terms of Reliability, Energy efficiency and Environmental soundness – REE.
Senior compressor experts from HOERBIGER carry out a REE audit on site to build up a picture of each compressor’s design, operating conditions, maintenance and failure records. The customer then receives a detailed report showing the performance of their compressors, with a REE index ranking equipment in terms of its potential for improvement and savings.
A REE Assessment is a quick, accurate and objective way to pinpoint good and bad actors and choose which compressors to modernize first. The next step is a detailed engineering study in combination with return-on-investment calculations to support an upgrade or revamp.
Available worldwide for any reciprocating compressor, the new REE Assessment helps operators choose the right technology and make the right business decisions. The result is a gain for the whole plant in term of reliability, efficiency and environmental performance.

HOERBIGER Ventilwerke GmbH & Co KG is based in Vienna, Austria.

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