Reactive epoxy curing agents

Paul Boughton

Air Products is launching the next generation of epoxy curing agent technology to assist formulators of polymer-based systems in designing solutions that bring benefits for the environment and are effective across a range of coating applications.

The technology is being launched at the European Coatings Show in Nürnberg (29-31 March 2011).
In the development of Total Reactive Technology, Air Products has applied its extensive knowledge of epoxy chemistry and its performance in polymer-based systems, in order to develop a modified polyamine curing agent that is 100% reactive (when it reacts with the epoxy resin) and eliminates the need for a plasticiser.
Having already gained accreditation for indoor flooring use, systems using Total Reactive Technology are suitable for high performance driven applications due to their fast-curing properties at ambient and low temperatures. The plasticiser-free technology is also more sustainable, generating near negligible emissions throughout the lifetime of the finished floor or wall covering.
Providing enhanced versatility, the technology gives formulators greater control and additional flexibility to manage their own recipes and modify systems in order to meet the requirements of changing end user needs.
According to experts at Air Products, the new generation technology provides exciting complementary technology to the increasing popularity of water-based systems.
Mike Cook, Global Technology Manager, at Air Products, said: “The sustainability of water-based systems, which use water in place of a plasticiser, has already made them the preferred solution for most formulators. But the industry has continued to look for alternative enhancements and Total Reactive Technology provides a new, hi-tech amine-based solution that combines flexibility, efficacy and an assurance of near zero emissions.”

Air Products is also launching a new range of defoamers and deaerators at this year’s European Coatings Show. These hi-tech additives are used in coatings, inks, adhesives and in other industrial applications to ensure more effective coverage and a smoother, more aesthetic finish.This complete range of foam control agents based on organic, silicone and molecular chemistry is helping manufacturers to produce high performance coatings that are more durable, more efficient and kinder to the environment. They are particularly useful for water-based formulations and can also be used in epoxy flooring systems, in combination with Air Products’ epoxy curing agent technology.
In addition to its epoxy curing agents, Air Products offers a range of speciality additives including multifunctional surfactants, defoamers and pigment dispersing additives for waterborne coatings, inks, adhesives and construction chemicals.
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