Reaching new places in dispensing

Jon Lawson

Intertronics is now distributing the Fisnar F1300N rotary dispensing table. The table has a Z-axis tilt that adjusts to give manufacturers controlled dispensing at a range of angles.

Dispensing robots allow manufacturers to automate material dispensing applications such as bonding, potting, sealing or gasketing. Using a benchtop dispensing robot can help manufacturers save costs by reducing material waste, rejects and labour.
Using the Fisnar F1300N engineers can dispense materials in circular patterns and difficult to reach areas. This includes easily dispensing materials vertically or horizontally onto internal or external walls of a component.
“The F1300N is for manufacturers of electronic components, medical devices, or any application that involves a circular dispensing pattern,” explained Peter Swanson, managing director of Intertronics. “It is a compact, self-contained machine that has a workload capability of up to 3kg. Users can also easily set-up and program the robot using the HMI panel and it has a memory facility to store up to nine programs. They can also program the system to control rotation speed, dispense delay, degree of rotation and wait period before cycling.”
The rotary dispensing table can apply materials such as adhesives, silicones or lubricants onto parts with up to 300mm or 12 inches in diameter, and can be paired with a range of dispensers, from simple syringe barrels to high precision valves or pumps. The F1300N is built with a two-switch start, which reduces operator risk. Manufacturers can use the modular brackets to mount a range of dispensers for different applications.