Range of connectors expands

Jon Lawson

Cliff Electronics' range of 24mm diameter XLR panel cut-out connectors has been further extended to now include mono and stereo ¼ inch jack sockets and high current terminal posts.

XLR connectors are widely used in audio and broadcast systems and are increasingly popular in instrumentation, medical and industrial products due their flexibility, security and reliability of the format.

By utilising the XLR chassis and standard panel cut-out Cliff’s wide range of standard and feed through connectors can all be mounted on control panels with the same hole punched for every connector required. This simplifies panel design and allows connectors to be mixed-and-matched during assembly as required by individual system requirements.

The new industry standard ¼ inch jack sockets are available as either a 3.5mm mono jack socket or a 6.35mm stereo jack socket. Both models feature plug operated switching contacts and solder-tag connection.

The TP6 single terminal binding posts are available in red and black and intended for high current applications up to 30A. They incorporate top and cross connecting holes with a diameter of 4mm. They are connected to the system via a plain threaded spindle and are flammability rated to UL94HB minimum.

The new jack sockets and terminal posts may be ordered with either a 3.5mm countersunk mounting hole or a 2.5mm plain hole.