Product platform expands to 1,700V range for industrial motor drives

Paul Boughton

Semikron has added 1,700V modules with six-pack and converter-inverter-brake (CIB) circuit topology to its family of 600V/650V and 1,200V MiniSKiiP power modules.

Key benefits of the MiniSKiiP are user-friendly spring technology for the power and control terminals as well as simple, cost-effective and solder-free single-screw assembly of the circuit board, cooling unit and module. MiniSKiiP is primarily used in industrial motor drives, solar inverters and power supplies.

The comprehensive 1,700V MiniSKiiP portfolio consists of six-pack and corresponding input bridge modules up to 100A and CIB modules up to 50A. The highest current density helps to develop cost-effective and compact inverters to realise all the advantages of 600V/690V AC applications for cost saving. All CIB modules have separate terminals for input bridge, brake chopper and open-emitter inverter for the highest PCB design flexibility and each single module can cover the whole three-phase application.

The migration from 400V/480V AC to 600V/690V AC voltage levels in industrial applications has become increasingly popular in the process industry, even for low-power applications. It offers several advantages related to capital cost saving and improvement of global network efficiency. The benefits, leading to cost savings, are based on reduction of: motor size, cable cross-section, maximum load current, total power losses, cable voltage-drop during normal operating condition, motor start-up current and feeding transformer size.

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