Product launches from Chainway

Louise Smyth

The 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition (IoTE 2019) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is the largest and most comprehensive IoT Expo in Asia. The exhibition brought together nearly 700 brands in the Internet of Things industry around the world to showcase the latest products and applications. For its part, Chainway demonstrated its wide portfolio of rugged handheld computers.

The company launched C66, a new generation handheld computer at the exhibition. It is built with more powerful configurations, a larger screen, improved power performance and optional accessories. It can be widely applied to retail, logistics, warehousing, transportation, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and so on.

In addition, Chainway presented several newly developed RFID readers and a full range of new upgraded products, including R5, a wearable RFID scanner and a fixed RFID reader URA8 based on Android OS. 

In the Innovation Product Selection Activity, the C66 won the IoTE 2019 RFID Gold Award.