Product configuration tool introduced

Jon Lawson

Watlow has recently introduced the Watlow Select Visual Designer, which is a product configuration tool that uses imagery to quickly and effectively communicate the features of the product being designed via the Watlow Select program. The new tool is a buying experience that enables customers to quickly identify, configure and purchase some of Watlow’s most popular electric heater, temperature sensor, temperature controller and power controller products. 

Watlow’s Visual Designer uses pictures for product option menus and provides a constantly updated drawing of the product being configured. Users simply click on the features needed and watch them appear in the drawing.

“The Watlow Select Visual Designer is an important tool in the Watlow Select program,” said Chris Mallow, business segment director. “The goal of Watlow Select is to enhance the buying experience for our customers, and the Visual Designer is a key enabler because it provides guidance and real-time visual feedback.” 

Watlow Select was formally introduced in July 2018 and offers users many benefits including easily find the best performing products online and in Watlow product catalogs, quickly configure the product to fit the application, readily access drawings and technical content and enjoy one or five-day shipment on most products.