Power factor correction

Paul Boughton

TDK Corporation’s new EPCOS TSM-LC-S thyristor module for dynamic power factor correction (PFC) is designed for voltages of 200V AC to 440 V AC (50/60 Hz) and is suitable for compensating reactive powers of up to 55kvar. 

Installation takes place via the system bus (RJ45). An integrated measuring electronics logs key operating data such as voltage of the grid and the current, temperature and switching state of the PFC capacitor. The maximum values of these parameters are simultaneously stored. The data is transmitted via the interface to the power factor controller and processed further, thus enabling comprehensive capacitor and system protection.

In addition, the TSM-LC-S features a high-contrast OLED display for the operating data and alarm and error messages.

Like all EPCOS thyristor modules, the TSM-LC-S (B44066T1050E402) operates silently with no wear and is maintenance free. It has a switching time of only 5ms. The module also increases the operating life of the capacitors, as it switches at the zero crossing of the current and monitors the capacitor current. 

Dangerous overcurrents are avoided and the power line is not exposed to transients.

The EPCOS TSM-LC-S thyristor module is especially suitable for PFC applications with presses, welding machines, elevators, cranes and wind turbines, for example.

For more information, visit www.epcos.com