Partnership aims to improve gas provider’s mechanical integrity

Louise Smyth

PinnacleART and Metegrity are strategically partnering to improve the mechanical integrity (MI) program of a natural gas service provider’s operations in the southwest region of the United States. The client’s MI program has been experiencing integrity-related issues and was recently flagged by OSHA for non-compliance. PinnacleART will be using Metegrity’s Inspection Data Management System (IDMS), Visions, to effectively develop, track, and manage the facility’s program.

In February of 2018, PinnacleART performed a multi-day assessment of the client’s MI program and delivered an assessment report outlining program gaps. Within this report, PinnacleART identified the steps the facility needed to take to achieve MI compliance and mature its current practices and systems. One of the recommendations included getting an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) in place, and PinnacleART provided recommendations for several IDMS software options. The client selected Metegrity’s Visions IDMS based on the software’s user-friendly interface, ease of navigation, and focus on MI compliance. Additionally, the client found that Visions was the ideal fit for tracking asset mechanical and inspection data; flagging and managing asset nonconformance; and planning future inspection activities.

PinnacleART is currently working on the pilot MI implementation for one of the client’s gas processing facilities and will implement the Visions database and deliver an implemented MI program by June.

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