Oxygen regulators have regulator burnout protection

Paul Boughton

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers a range of high-quality oxygen regulators, all featuring a design that provides regulator burnout protection only offered by ESAB.

ESAB oxygen regulators incorporate built-in Regulator Burn-Out (RBO) protection, which contains oxygen regulator fires when used properly. 

Oxygen regulator bodies are machined from solid brass bar stock, not made from forgings. The bar stock provides a thick wall that helps contain a burnout and keeps internal body cavities to a minimum. Small cavities limit the amount of gas that can accumulate in the body and contribute to the seriousness of an oxygen fire. This solid design also contributes to the overall durability of the ESAB regulator.

ESAB's small cavity design features a long, narrow passage that sharply diminishes the intensity of any fire that might enter from the inlet connection, reducing the possibility that the regulator will explode.

Massive baffle plates protect the diaphragm and keep it away from the main gas stream. The neoprene diaphragm is not directly exposed to hot gas or fire that could destroy it. Small bleeder holes in the baffle plate allow the diaphragm to function and respond to demand for greater or lesser amounts of gas supply. This baffle system prevents the fire from reaching the chamber, where the potential for an explosion is the greatest.

Using a relatively small quantity of seat material lowers burnout intensity should one occur. ESAB keeps the amount of synthetic material used it its regulators to a minimum to reduce possible fuel that could contribute to a fire.

In addition, ESAB regulators incorporate a fabric-reinforced neoprene diaphragm that combines thinness and high strength. When heavier diaphragms are used, the rubber can shrink in sub-zero temperatures, resulting in leakage between the body and cap. ESAB regulators shrink less, thereby minimising leaks.

Regulator fires can occur when gauges are accidentally used for the wrong types of gas. Such misuse increases the potential for contamination of the regulator. Use of a contaminated regulator with high-pressure oxygen can result in a regulator burnout. As a further safety feature, all ESAB regulators are colour coded and clearly labeled for their correct usage.

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