Offshore deck weighs in at 11,000-tons

Paul Boughton

The 11,000-tons BP Valhall main deck leaves the fabrication hall at Heerema Zwijndrecht in The Netherlands.
Heerema Zwijndrecht, one of the three production locations of Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG), has reached a milestone in the construction of the Valhall Re-Development Integrated Production & Hotel Facility deck for BP Norge. 

As maximum fabrication height has been reached the 11,000tons weighing topsides leaves the extensive fabrication hall at Heerema Zwijndrecht for further completion outside.
Heerema Zwijndrecht was awarded the fabrication and integration contract in March 2007 of the 11,000tons weighing Integrated Production & Hotel Facility topsides together with the 350tons flare boom structure of which fabrication started in November 2007. 

The BP Valhall main deck will measure 100metre in length, 47metre in width and 50 meter in height. It is expected that all the structures; main deck, weather deck module, flare boom as well as bridges 1 and 2 will leave the Heerema Zwijndrecht location in May/June 2010 for their final destination offshore Norway. Once completed the topsides will have a weight of over 13,000tons, excluding Power-from-Shore module and Living Quarters.
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