Nuclear global capacity must more than double by 2050

Paul Boughton

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) new Nuclear Energy Technology Roadmap says nuclear energy allows countries to build scalable, efficient and long-term power sources that can serve as a base to underpin other forms of low-carbon generation.

The report says nuclear global capacity must more than double by 2050, with nuclear supplying 17% of global electricity generation by then, to meet the IEA 2 Degree Scenario for the most effective and efficient means of limiting global temperature rise.

The IEA's report highlights the need for stable, long-term investment frameworks to allow capital-intensive low carbon projects, such as nuclear power plants, to be developed. The roadmap also emphasises the need for greater certainty in electricity prices, including the cost of carbon emissions.

Agneta Rising, World Nuclear Association Director General, said: “We agree with the IEA’s assessment of nuclear energy as an important part of the generation mix needed for a sustainable energy future. Governments must play their part in creating markets that support long-term low carbon investments. Nuclear energy is much needed as it is reliable, affordable and clean. We in the industry must work to ensure that we deliver this in a timely and cost-effective way.”

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