Non-isolated buck converter

Paul Boughton

Murata Power Solutions has added new devices to its OKLP range of 'Power Block' products to support 35W FPGA and ASIC systems.

In addition to the recently introduced 25A, Murata now offers the OKLP-X/35-W12-C, a 35A Power Block solution.

The Power Block is essentially a non-isolated buck converter without the PWM controller and sits between a discrete Point-of-Load (PoL) design and a complete non-isolated buck converter module. The OKLP-X/35-W12-C power block measures 25.4 x 12.7 x 11.1mm and has a typical efficiency rating of 94 per cent. Input voltage is a nominal 12 VDC and can accommodate the range of 7 to 13.2VDC.

The Power Block design approach allows the power engineer to achieve the highest efficiency and maximum possible power and current density while maintaining a high performance system at a lower cost when compared to a complete module design approach.

Murata’s Power Block provides a single package solution that incorporates all of the power handling components, fully tested and characterised for thermal and dynamic performance. The Power Block design approach is suitable for today’s power-hungry FPGAs, ASICs, computing and IBA architectures. Most analogue or digital PWM controllers can be used with the Power Block; however, the maximum benefits are achieved when coupled with ZMDI’s ZSPM1035 single-phase digital PWM IC controller family.

The combination of ZMDI’s ZSPM1035 and the 35A Murata Power Block provides a ready, tested, and optimally preconfigured 35A point-of-load solution.

Designers have access to a full downloadable construction kit that includes step-by-step instructions and a software wizard. ZMDI’s Pink Power Designer GUI allows fast module configuration that speeds time-to-market. The digital control loop provides ultra-fast transient response, steady-state performance, stability, and design flexibility. Up to four different output capacitor ranges can be supported by selecting the preconfigured ZMDI controller.

To support customers during the initial introduction of this product, Mouser Electronics as an authorized distributor for both ZMDI and Murata Power Solutions will be able to provide the ZMDI controllers, GUI interface, Murata’s OKLP and Evaluation Boards.

“We are excited to offer this unique Power Block architecture to power systems design engineers as it provides them with flexibility and options to improve power density, performance, and overall system costs,” says Bill Smith, Director of Marketing, Board Mount Power, for Murata Power Solutions. “We see our OKLP Power Block series as a means to address the ever-growing requirements for increased power densities in networking applications.”

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