Next-gen predictive maintenance software

Louise Smyth

Senseye, the Uptime-as-a-Service expert, has announced the launch of version 2.3 of its automatic condition monitoring and prognostics software, bringing Remaining Useful Life calculations to all customers – whether they operate 10 or 10,000 assets. The company believes that this is the only product in the world to offer automated condition monitoring combined with Remaining Useful Life analysis.

Knowing the remaining useful life of machinery helps industrial companies to implement cost-effective predictive maintenance, typically allowing for a 10-40% reduction in maintenance costs and downtime reduction of 30-50%. The software is already trusted by a major automotive OEM, helping it to avoid downtime costs of over US$2m per hour.

Remaining useful life has been an academic focus until now, accessible only to those with extensive data engineering skills. Senseye’s technology makes it accessible to all. Its automated analysis is designed to be easy to use by maintenance teams and managers and is backed by the firm's extensive background in condition monitoring from the highly competitive aerospace and defence industry.

Robert Russell, Senseye CTO, says, “Being able to see the remaining useful life of machinery – without requiring expert input – empowers the hero maintainers to get maximum value from their condition monitoring solutions.”

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