New vacuum pump

Jon Lawson

Short, reliable and clean production processes are more important than ever for the increasingly digital and globally active value chains, in addition to high quality results. Vacuum technology provides a significant contribution to meeting these requirements. Leybold has designed the new Varodry vacuum pump series for efficient industrial vacuum processes.

The oil-free Varodry screw pump is also easy to install and connect. Due to its compact design it can be easily integrated into new or existing systems.

Equipped with complete air cooling, it makes water cooling completely superfluous. The developers at Leybold were guided by the idea of using fewer proven machine parts and components in their design. The Varodry has low maintenance requirements, emission-free ventilation and minimal noise in average daily operation. Moreover, it is absolutely dry and clean, thus preventing oil and particle emissions or oil leaks as well as oil migrations in the vacuum chamber or into the products and processes.

It is offered in the two pumping speed classes VD 65 and VD 100, ideal for industrial vacuum requirements.

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