New transmitter improves flow meter

Louise Smyth

Brooks Instrument has added a new Foundation Fieldbus transmitter to its MT3809 variable area (VA) flow meter, making it easier for users to integrate the unit into their automation control systems for more efficient data capture and digital communication across the plant.

The metal tube VA flow meter is designed for extreme conditions in chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and LP gas applications. It is a microprocessor device that interfaces directly with the MT3809 flow meter. A single 2 wire bus connection compliant with the international Foundation Fieldbus standard provides power to the transmitter and communications access. The flow meter itself does not require power.

The new transmitter makes it easier to access multiple MT3809 VA flow meter variables, including flow rates, temperatures, densities and calibration factors.

Hi-low alarm parameters can be set, which enables operators to be notified if gas or fluid flow rates fall outside set values.

In addition, the flow meter has a local operator interface with LCD display for insight into flow status and fluid measurement. These outputs are configurable and can be shown in various engineering units. Operators can also change parameters without removing the housing cover, enabling changes to be made in hazardous areas.

Users can specify a single flow meter model that works across a wide range of high and low flow rates and operating temperatures, from -198ºC to 420ºC (-325ºF to 788ºF) — with a maximum pressure rating up to 6,000 psi (413 bar) for standard units. In addition, the explosion-proof housing meets the most stringent hazardous-area classifications worldwide while a flameproof option is available for IIC/Class 1, Division 1 locations.



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