New tool for biogas industry gets more value from waste

Jon Lawson

Vaisala has launched an in situ three-in-one biogas measurement instrument, Vaisala MGP261, for measuring methane, carbon dioxide and humidity in demanding environments. This compact measurement instrument is Ex certified up to zone 0, which enables in-line installation also in explosive atmospheres.

The launch marks a new market entry for the firm and expands its expertise into the new field of biogas measurements. The multigas measurement instrument gives continuous readings of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour directly in the biogas process pipeline.

It is optimised for biogas production processes, such as anaerobic digestion of waste from agriculture, industries and municipalities, and the use of landfill gas.

The new tool offers real-time gas composition without sample extraction or treatment. Thanks to its accurate and stable methane measurement, this compact and reliable instrument helps biogas plant operators gain comprehensive control over their process and optimise their combined heat and power (CHP) engine performance. The instrument also enables operators to control humidity to reduce wear in the CHP engines and process components.

The MGP261 is easy to use and install, and it can be fitted to any existing system. The in situ installation of the instrument makes sample treatment unnecessary, enabling measurements without any sampling lines, pumps, or moisture removal traps.