New temperature signal conditioners

Louise Smyth

Monitran has launched a new model in its MTN/8006 range of signal conditioners. The MTN/8006TC temperature signal conditioning unit converts the voltage output from a temperature sensor to an industry standard current output.

The MTN/8006TC accepts a 10mV/°C temperature input in the 0-100°C range and converts it to a 4-20mA output proportional to temperature. The
signal can be read by PLCs for example or by Monitran's MTN/5032 condition monitoring system, which can also accept multiple inputs from
Monitran's wide range of accelerometers.

Available in a universal DIN rail form factor, the unit measures 62.5mm x 63.5mm x 18mm and requires a 24V DC power supply.

The 4-20mA signal is much more robust than the output direct from the temperature sensor and is capable of being transmitted over long
distances without being degraded by interference from electrical machinery for example.