New tech for enhanced wearables

Jon Lawson

Fischer Freedom enables engineers to integrate more technology and functionality into fixed or wearable ecosystems and cable-free devices in markets such as defence & security, medical, instrumentation, industrial and civil engineering, robotics, wearables and the Internet of Things.

The new USB 2.0 adaptor, LED and flash drive have the Fischer LP360TM panel plug directly integrated into their housing. This opens up new development pathways for active solutions integrated into electronic networks where power source and communications are centralised within shared data & power buses and hubs. The new cabled receptacle in metal with 7 signal and power contacts is a ready-to-use solution that also maximises the usability, operability and functionality of robotic systems or smart vests into which it can easily be integrated. These solutions are for portable and body-worn wearables, for the so-called ‘connected human’ – a huge trend in the connectivity sector – as well as in IoT applications.