New standard wins recognition

Paul Boughton

Netzsch has expanded its product offering with the new sizes of the Tornado T2 rotary lobe pump and responded to the increased demand for the rotary lobe pump. The new pump is compact, powerful, service-friendly and corresponds to the company’s Full Service in Place (FSIP) concept. The new T.Envi and T.Proc 08/200 and 06/300 allow delivery rates up to 200 or 300 m³/h; back pressures up to max. 6 or max. 8 bar, can be achieved. The new T.Sano and T.Proc pumps in all-metal design, with delivery rates up to 8 m³/h and for back pressures from 8 or 10 bar have been specifically developed for lower volumetric flows in the process industry.

The focus of the FSIP concept is the consistent alignment with customer benefits. The ideas developed rest on the key building blocks of greater process reliability and service-friendliness, based on the motto 'no maintenance is the best maintenance'.

The pump cover of the entire pump chamber is easy to open and thereby facilitates convenient access from flange to flange without the pump needing to be dismantled from the pipework. All rotating parts can thus be easily accessed, significantly facilitating dismantling and installation of the pump.

The reversal of materials is just as innovative. Metal rotors with elastomer inlays rotate in an elastomer casing, so that only metal and elastomer surfaces come into contact, which means the unit has an extremely high wear resistance. The pump has no dead space and will impress its operators even when using the most extreme media, because it is not prone to either clogging or blocking and is extremely easy to clean, thanks to its smooth surfaces. What's more, the pump does not require any gear oil. It is driven and synchronised via a belt drive. The belt drive enables an even more compact design, which reduces the space required by the pump to a minimum. You just can't build a rotary lobe pump any shorter or lighter.

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