New single-beam total suspended solids sensor

Jon Lawson

Krohne has introduced the Optisens TSS, a new total suspended solids (TSS) sensor for process and quality control in industrial and municipal wastewater applications.

The Optisens TSS 2000 features a fast response time and can be used to optimise processes, increase yield or monitor limits: target applications in the water & wastewater industry include mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) monitoring, sludge discharge of primary and secondary sedimentation (clarifier) tanks, or monitoring of biological treatment in wastewater aeration basins. The new sensor can also be used to monitor product loss in open channels in the food & beverage industry, effluent in chemical, white water in pulp & paper or thickeners in metal & mining.

The single-beam sensor comes with a stainless steel body, scratch-resistant sapphire windows and an automatic sensor cleaning option. Using near-infrared NIR technology it is not affected by colour or natural ambient light. It is factory calibrated with up to 6 linearisation points with linear or non-linear fitting. Installation without assembly (hung up cable installation) is possible, but the use of fibre-glass telescopic sensor assembly Sensofit IMM 2000 is recommended. For more demanding applications like difficult waste water conditions or hygienic requirements, Optisens TSS 3000 and 7000 with 4-beam technology are available.

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