New screw jack design guide

Jon Lawson

The new Screw Jack Design Guide from Power Jacks brings together the information engineers need to know when designing actuation, lifting and positioning systems using screw jacks. It is packed with information on performance and dimensional details for Screw Jacks, Bevel Gearboxes and Jacking System Components.

Initially the design guide is available from the brochure download section of the website in PDF format as a single download or in sections.

The range of screw jacks contained in the design guide is huge starting at the small 2.5kN capacity units and going all the way up to the large 2000kN capacity units. When used individually or in systems they can actuate, lift or position loads of a few kilograms to thousands of tonnes. As well as screw jacks with cubic and single face housing styles the design guide includes details for both translating and rotating machine screw, ball screw and roller screw driven designs. For which there are a range of standard variants to help solve specific application requirements like the anti-backlash, anti-rotation and safety nut devices for lifting screws. Plus, when it comes to corrosion resistance and harsh environments then there is a comprehensive section on Stainless Steel Screw Jacks.

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