New robot guidance for part localisation

Jon Lawson

Sick has launched 2D and 3D vision-guided part localisation systems for quick set-up of robot picking from a belt, or from a bin or stillage.  Suitable for both cobots and conventional industrial robots, the PLOC2D and PLB 520 have been developed specifically to facilitate affordable, or entry-level automation and for use in handling smaller parts and components.

The PLOC2D is a vision system for 2D localisation of parts, products or packages to be picked from a static workstation, moving belt, or feeder system. The PLB 520 uses a stereoscopic vision camera to enable 3D vision-guided bin picking applications of much smaller objects than was previously possible.

Both systems combine high-performance image processing hardware with a powerful Sick-developed algorithm to deliver ‘out of the box’ integration with pick and place robots. They have been developed to be directly compatible and simple to integrate with most leading industrial robot systems, including cobots such as Universal Robots.

Both the PLOC2D and the PLB 520 can be rapidly and easily connected directly to the robot control without programming skills or training and are ready to use almost immediately.

“The Sick PLOC2D and PLB 520 are vision solutions to facilitate two of the most common robot tasks,” explained Neil Sandhu, National Product Manager - Imaging, Measurement & Ranging at Sick UK.  “Especially when combined with a cobot system, they provide new opportunities for production teams to replace repetitive or physically-demanding manual tasks with a more affordable robotic solution that is straightforward to set up.”

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